New Advancement in Dental Crowns!
By Dr. Dean A. Francis
April 7, 2011 at 9:12 p.m.

Sirona Dental Company has come up with a new way for your dentist to make crowns (caps)
for you in just one appointment. Gone are the days of messy impressions and two weeks of
wearing a temporary crown that doesn't look or feel very good. With modern CAD-CAM
technology that has been adapted to the dental workplace, your dentist can now make you an all porcelain crown, with no black or allergenic metal, in just one sitting. With no need to
come back for a second appointment for fitting and numbing, you can walk out with your
beautiful new tooth that is ready to eat, chew and smile with right away.

Engineers and dentists in Germany have been working on the technology for quite some time and they have now perfected the technology to the point where nearly every crown and even large fillings can be made in just one visit. They have combined a specialized prismatic
camera connected to a computer that digitally scans your tooth after the dentist has specially shaped it. Then the software designs a crown right there that will replace your tooth with all of a tooth's natural contours and size.

The computer then sends this design to a milling machine, located right in your dentist's
office, which takes a solid block of porcelain and proceeds to mill out an exactly sized and
shaped piece to fit your tooth. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece it is fitted to your tooth and then
bonded into position. Since this porcelain is the most natural and life-like replacement for
natural tooth structure, this computer designed and milled crown will actually strengthen
your tooth and give you the longest possible length of service of any dental material ever

Because the porcelain is bonded to the tooth, the dentist can save much more of your natural tooth structure than ever before. And since there is no ugly metal to hide, the crown does not have to be placed below the gumline to hide the edges. It is a virtual replica of the tooth that you were born with.

So anyone who says that dentistry hasn't changed much is in for a real surprise.

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Someday, every dentist will have this technology...
our office is one of a select few that has it now..."

Park East Dental can now make all porcelain crowns and fillings in just one visit. No impressions, no temporaries, and no metal.

These crowns are the most comfortable, least sensitive and best looking crowns available!

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Mutilation vs Conservation           

After utilizing our Cerec system for nearly 6 years now, we feel more strongly than ever that the old way of doing crowns is just plain and simple unnecessary mutilation of tooth structure. We save so much more of your natural tooth with our methods vs non-Cerec dentists that it is like the difference between laparoscopic surgery with a few small incisions and the old-fashioned way of splitting open the entire abdomen.