Panorex Equipment and image on the computer monitor.

 Park East Dental has the Kodak all-digital x-ray system. 

With our Kodak panorex equipment we can take an x-ray of your entire jaw and surrounding areas with no more radiation than two regular bite wing x-rays. With this picture we can detect cysts, tumors, abscesses, retained teeth, etc. that would otherwise go undiagnosed and untreated until an advanced stage. A panorex is recommended by the ADA to be taken every 3 to 7 years depending on your individual dental history and previous disease and treatment parameters. Dental insurance covers panorexes every 1 to 3 years as a general rule.  So please ask us if a panorex is indicated for you. 
With the digital x-ray equipment, we have reduced by over 50 percent the amount the radiation exposure required to obtain an x-ray picture of your teeth. With the digital x-rays, we also have reduced our offices' environmental imprint by reducing the chemicals and heavy metals that are used in film-based x-ray systems.


Information for our Patients Regarding Dental X-rays

82% of an average person’s exposure to radiation comes from the environment, that is: the earth’s soil, water and air; the sun; and cosmic rays. This is called "background" radiation. Full mouth dental x-rays at this office, consisting of a panorex and four bitewing x-rays, have the same radiation exposure as you would receive in just about one day of normal background radiation. By comparison, a CAT Scan (CT) of the chest is the same as 3.6 years of normal background radiation and a mammogram is the same as one whole year of normal background radiation.

Therefore a patient receiving 4 bitewing x-rays per year and a panorex every 4 years for 90 years would still be receiving less than a third of the radiation during those 90 years than from just one mammogram and less than one tenth as much as from one CT of the chest !

By using a digital panorex and our new digital dental x-rays, we keep your radiation exposure to an absolute minimum.

Radiation Exposure equivalents:

1 lumbar spine x-ray = 700 dental x-rays

1 mammogram = 1200 dental x-rays

1 chest CT = 4000 dental x-rays