Park East Dental is happy to announce the Premier Dental Savings Plan for our patients who do not have dental insurance to help with increasing dental costs.

This plan allows you to make one annual payment of $335 and it will cover 2 regular prophies (cleaning of build-up above the gumline and polishing), 2 exams and all necessary x-rays throughout the year. And children under 16 will receive 2 fluoride treatments also. The cleanings that are included in this plan are the 6 month regular recall cleanings that most of our patients receive from our office. You will need to schedule your cleanings within 8 months of each other to qualify for this plan. 

As a member of this plan, you will also receive an extra 10% off any other dental services that you may need during the 12 month plan period. So in addition to our 10% courtesy discount for payment at time of service, you will receive an extra 10% for a total savings of 20%. Payment at time of service is required for these savings to be in effect.

Additionally, plan members are eligible for periodic specials and savings throughout the year that will be offered to plan members only.

Note: This plan does not fully cover more extensive cleanings that include the removal of build-up below the gum-line or excessive staining. If you have not had a cleaning in over 8 months, have bleeding when brushing, (sign of gingivitis or periodontitis) or have not had them cleaned at our office, you may wish to come in for a free consultation to see what your particular gum health needs are.

Even if you need more extensive cleanings than the standard 6 month recall cleaning, this plan can still save you money as you will be credited the normal office fee for a cleaning and will only need to cover the difference for your particular gum care needs.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to discuss them with our front desk coordinators at: 630-260-1280.

Fees for 2 cleanings/exams and x-rays = $400
Savings of $65.00 in cleaning fees alone!

Note: This plan is offered only for our patients without dental insurance.